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lucky cut club

for all ppl, textures & complexities

little intro.

My hair education is deeply rooted in both math and science but I intentionally approach each cut intuitively. My specialty techniques are dry-scissor and wet-blade cutting. Both are used to build shapes based on the natural growth pattern of the hair which allow for truly achievable and manageable styling.

I cut for all hair types, but have a special interest in challenging hair, like fine and thin, coarse and thick, heavy hair, and curly hair. I love to cut and create shapes of all lengths and textures. I love to both blend and disconnect, creating both seamless shapes and unique, disconnected shapes.

I love a shag, I love a fade, I love blendy ghost layers.

I would love to build you a custom shape that gives you all the feels.


Arrive with dry hair.

"Day 2 Hair" (or longer) is the very best.​

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